Cryotech Laboratories

The Lab style building that ""the players"" had awoken in. Very little is know about the facility. Cryotech Laboratories were the first to succesfully develop cryogenic freezeing chambers. With the ability to mix D.N.A. they were payed by the government to create super soldiers from the D.N.A. of some ofthe greatest warriors to ever live.

Cryotech had succesfully created supersoldiers but had failed at containing their secrets. Opponents had protestors had resorted to sneaking into the base and stealing important documents and tests. Cryotech had resorted to hiding their bases and makeing them more secure, with 100 key-code passcode locks, and heavy survailence.

Cryotech was immediately blamed for the outbreak of infected and were shut down to prevent anymore accidents. Little did everyone know, the virus was airborne and had already spread to millions of people and plants.

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Cryotech Laboratories

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