Modern Zombie RP

Important about shoping

How the shops work in the city.

If the purchase DC of the item is below 10 than it costs the purchase DC – 3. If it is 10 or above the purchase DC is normally the cost in coins. Also all ammo value are cut in half. Without permission, the only things that can be bought from the shops are items with lic(+1) or lower. Some items are restricted or have a higher cost than in the SRD and those will be pointed out in time.

EX 1) 50 9mm rounds has a purchase DC of 5. This means that 25 9mm rounds cost 2 coins.
EX 2) A black box has a purchase DC of 4 but a lic(+4) so it cannot be purchased without permission.
EX 3) An undercover vest has a purchase DC of 15 so it will cost 15 coins.

Archaic and Exotic weapons have thier purchase DC changed. Either add 5 to the purchase DC or the purchase DC is 10, whichever is higher.

2x PDC for Working Condition
5x PDC for Good Condition
10X PDc for Perfect Condition

Things that cannot be bought:
Anything under:
Transportation Lodging
Any services aside from Auto-Repair
Heavy Armor

Specific Items that can be bought:
Acura 3.2 TL (mid-size sedan)
Volkswagen Jetta (mid-size wagon)
Dodge Neon (economy sedan)



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